Acrobatic Flip

We offer competitive and recreational gymnastics for both boys and girls. Students can advance from regular classes to competing on team. Our team competes all USA Olympic and AAU gymnastic events. We are proud to have gymnasts from both the boys and girls teams that are nationally ranked.


Tumbling Silhouette

However, some athletes just like to tumble and don't want to work on the other gymnastic events. For these individuals we offer classes for youths (ages 5-13) and adults (ages 14 and up). We have classes from beginner to advanced for all ages and are working towards having a competitive tumbling team.

Tumbling - $40.00 punch card for 10 classes.


Leaping Pom-Poms

Cheerleading class' consists of dancing, gymnastics, strength and flexibility. So, if you only kind of like dance or gymnastics, maybe you're a cheerleader at heart. Cheerleading is also great for learning team work and leadership skills.

Cheerleading - 5 years and Up, Saturday - 9:30 am to 11:00 am, $40.00 Monthly



Dance instruction includes tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and modern. Artistic's dance team has performed in the FED EX Orange Bowl, Toyota Gator Bowl, and the Nokia Sugar Bowl half-time shows.


Renaissance Man

These classes do not use Real Swords, but what are called Boffer Swords. These are usually made of plastic and covered with a layer of foam padding for safety. The class includes different styles of these Boffer weapons, plus a brief history lesson. If you have ever attended a Renaissance Fare, then you most likely have seen them used in mock combat.

$40.00 monthly for two classes per week.

Martial Arts (NinBuKai)

Side Kick

Martial Arts teaches self discipline, self control, self confidence, self respect, and self esteem. At the same time you can benefit by losing weight, gaining strength and flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, inner peace of mind and stress relief.

$25.00 monthly for two classes per week.

(You must also buy the uniform)

NinBuKai is a dynamic system of self-defense that is effective, easy to learn, and fun to do. NinBuKai incorporates Kicks, Strikes, Grappling, Rolling, Traditional and Modern Weaponry, and much more to build a complete system of self-defense. By learning a large variety of different aspects of self-defense, NinBuKai students are prepared to defend themselves in any situation. The large variety of skills that are taught also ensures that the lessons never get boring, because there is always so much to learn. The NinBuKai fighting system molds itself to the strengths of the individual student, instead of requiring the student to mold to the style.

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